Dilution of caustic soda and other bases with LEWA systems

LEWA inline caustic dilution systems are optimized for the production of diluted alkaline solutions. In doing so, LEWA supplies systems for different processes of producing and diluting caustic soda, for example. As a result, you can rely on our expertise.

Solutions for the production of caustic soda and other bases

Advantages of LEWA systems in dilution of caustic soda and other bases:

  • Suitable for all concentrations
  • Enables simplified processes
  • Process of caustic dilution works both in manual operation as well as in automatic operation
  • Dual analysis system – for process control, concentration test and recording of the process
  • Optional temperature monitoring to avoid precipitation
  • More flexibility in production
  • More independence from supplier quantities
  • Stocking small amounts is possible or storage times are increased
  • Cost savings in caustic dilution and logistics

Two typical versions of caustic production

Versions with or without inline caustic dilution system can be seen here in direct comparison:

Typical versions of the inline caustic dilution system

Caustic dilution scheme

1. LEWA caustic dilution module
Version eco.

Caustic dilution scheme

2. LEWA caustic dilution module:
Version for low concentration.

Caustic dilution scheme

3. LEWA caustic dilution module: 
Version for high concentration with a heat exchanger for process control.

Areas of application for LEWA systems for caustic dilution

Applications, in which the LEWA inline caustic dilution system can be used:

  • Water treatment
  • Food processing (e.g., rinsing and cleaning bottles in drink filling systems, removing greasy and oily contamination)
  • Production of cleaning agents (e.g., of sodium soaps)
  • Vegetable oil processing
  • Processes in the chemical industry (e.g., neutralizing acids)
  • Cleaning pharmaceutical facilities with CIP in varying concentration
  • Glass processing

Background for the production of caustic soda and other bases

Process description of caustic dilution:

Caustic solutions, such as caustic soda, are normally commercially available in concentrations of 50% and higher. The dilution of an alkaline solution is a controlled process, which prevents precipitation and/or extreme exothermic reactions.

Caustic soda is the designation for solutions of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in water. These are alkaline solutions. Caustic soda dissolves very well under heat development in water. Caustic soda is one of the most frequently used laboratory and industrial chemicals as a cleaning agent.

Density, conductivity and pH value

Caustic dilution scheme

Density of an aqueous caustic soda solution (NaOH)

Caustic dilution scheme

Conductivity of an aqueous caustic soda solution (NaOH)

Caustic dilution scheme

pH value of an aqueous caustic soda solution (NaOH)



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