Pumps for high temperature use

Different processes in technology and productions work with heat release or supply. The oldest carrier medium used for this purpose is water or steam. However, the applicable temperature range of these fluids is limited, so that at temperatures higher than 200 °C to 400 °C heat transfer oils are used. These high temperatures require special care in the selection and installation of the individual components for the heating circuit, in order to ensure a high level of plant availability, a high level of safety for the operation and the environment and thus for the protection of the health of the employees. The circulation pump for maintaining the heat cycle is also affected


A pump for the heat.

With the NIKKISO Non-Seal canned motor pump, LEWA offers a suitable solution for the various requirements and customer processes.

Advantages of the NIKKISO Non-Seal canned motor pump in use as a heat transfer pump:

  • Twin protecting shell: The special structure of the canned motor pump prevents leakage of the metered medium to the atmosphere, even in the unlikely event of damage to the can
  • No cost- and repair intensive dynamic seals: The lack of a dynamic seal significantly increases the mean time between failures’ values and therefore plant safety
  • Due to the special design without shaft seal and the fluid-lubricated plain bearings, costly and maintenance intensive lubrication systems are not required.
  • No shaft alignment necessary because of the integral, compact design. A mechanical coupling and coupling guard are thereby eliminated
  • Very low noise level thanks to the lack of coupling, the usual ball bearings for motor bearing and the motor fan
NIKKISO Non seal canned motor pump


Heater and pump are the heart of the heat transfer circuit.

Heat transfer oil plants are used to indirectly temper processes in production. In these plants, a fluid – such as thermal oil –  is utilized to transfer heat. The thermal oil makes it possible to heat or to cool objects or substances during a process. Unlike the use of water as a heat transfer medium, thermal oil can be used to guarantee system operation up to 350°C, even without pressure. In addition, there is neither corrosion nor the danger that the plant could freeze in an outdoor installation.

The heat transfer technology comprises together with the heat transfer oils a very wide range of production processes. The oils are on a mineral or synthetic basis, and can be heated up to 450°C. At such high temperatures, this happens at a pressure of about 12 bar. Typical applications for the canned motor pump include circulation pump the chemical, petrochemical, refinery and energy utilities. Thus, the pump forms the core of a single heat transfer circuit, which is used for indirect temperature control.



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