Pumps and metering systems for distilling crude oil in refineries

LEWA pumps and systems help you to optimize the performance of your distillation plant for refining crude oil and guarantee its availability.

For more than 60 years, customers across the world have been placing their trust in our products because of their precision, reliability, and maximum efficiency.


Distillation of crude oil with LEWA pumps, systems and plants

Crude oil has to be cleaned, separated, and converted (refined) until the final products suitable for sale are made. These include gas, diesel, heating oil, lubricants, propane, and butane.

These processes often involve complex distillation processes that require precision and reliability. LEWA supports refineries worldwide in various processes, which means that not only is it able to draw on a wealth of expertise, but also on a network of consultants and technicians, who support you on site when installing and operating your distillation plant.

Our tried-and-tested pumps are used in various metering systems, which we build to meet your requirements and commission on your site.

Metering system for the refinery industry

Areas of application in crude oil distillation

Whether extracting crude oil or refining it further – LEWA products and systems offer solutions for all processes involved in the processing and refining of crude oil.

The diagram shows all the important refining processes. LEWA delivers fully customized plants and systems for almost all of them. Just ask our experts for more information!

Product applications Chemical Process/System

Metering of chemicals in refinery processes such as separation/destillation,
transformation/conversion and finishing/refining

Amine solution Distillation plant
Deposit inhibitor Distillation plant, reformer system, cracker, coker
Tetrachloroethylene Reformer system, cracker
Defoamer Distillation plant, reformer system, cracker, coker
Emulsion breaker Desalination plant, distillation plant
Corrosion inhibitor Distillation plant, reformer system, cracker
Metal deactivator Cracker
Caustic soda (NaOH) Distillation plant, reformer system
Sulfiding agent Reformer system, cracker
Water Distillation plant, reformer system
Antistatic additive, static inhibitor Filling plant
Lubricity improver Reformer system
Pour-point depressant Distillation plant
Colorants, marking agents Filling plant
Lubricity improver Filling plant
Octane booster Reformer system
Oxygen scavenger, oxygen binder Cracker
Hydrogen sulfide scavenger Desulfurization
Stabilizer Catalytic reforming
Wax dispersion agent Vacuum distillation

Advantages at a Glance

High end pumps, equipment and systems

We deliver high-end pumps integrated into complete systems and units for your specific applications. In doing so, we of course rely on the tried-and-tested LEWA quality.

Complete documentation

Receive supporting documents and certificates, including the operating instructions, as well as design and test details in different languages.

Global commissioning

With our global service network, we take your equipment into operation and provide technical service directly at your location - both onshore and offshore.

International standards

LEWA is ISO 9001 certified. Pumps, systems and units are compliant with all major international standards such as, API, ASME, TÜV and many more.

Calculation of fluid dynamics

When designing pumps and systems, we rely on computer-based calculations of the fluid dynamics in the pipelines and on appropriate integration of pulsation dampers.

CAD-based engineering

Complete documentation: you will get CAD-based P&IDs as well as isometric drawings and construction plans of all pumps used in your system.

Flexible design

You can rely on over 60 years of experience in the design of pumps, systems and units: During the project phase, we respond flexibly to design changes or adjustments required.

Spare parts information in your language

You will get all available information about spare parts (including subcontractors) in your preferred language. Our spare parts service functions quickly and smoothly.

Tests according to your specifications

Before starting up the system, we conduct well-documented test runs according to relevant international standards or to your specifications.



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